Welcome to the web site of Simon Hunt Strategic Services (SHSS). Here you will find information about who we are, what we do and how to contact us. Please click on the links above to explore the site further.

Simon Hunt Strategic Services (SHSS) provides regular analyses of:

  1. Global Economy
  2. China's Economy
  3. China's Copper Industry
  4. Global Copper Industry

These form the basis of our multi-client reports which are produced on a regular basis throughout each month.

In addition, the company carries out client specific reports such as end use studies or the impact of falling copper prices on the industry or detailed macro-economic studies on China where we have considerable resources.

Simon Hunt is the co-author with Ian Stones of a new China political, economic and financial service. "The Frontline China Report Service" produces regular reports on China's economy and politics based on regular visits to the economic trenches and on discussions with members of the leadership and their economic advisors.